Are you pregnant and struggling with back pain? Come and see our pregnancy chiropractor!

Did you know that over 50% of pregnant women experience low back pain during pregnancy and that 50-75% of them complain about back pain during labor?

There are several causes of back pain and discomfort during your pregnancy, such as additional weight, a shift forward in your center of gravity, increased hormones, changing posture, and stress.

No matter what the reason, if back pain disrupts your daily routine or has an impact on your getting a good night’s sleep, don’t wait a moment longer; visit our pregnancy chiropractor in Athens, Dr. McClelland, who will use correct and gentle chiropractic adjustments to provide you balance and alignment in your pelvis and spine.

There are more benefits to receiving chiropractic care during your pregnancy, too!

If you are interested in what favorable results accrue from chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy and delivery, click here or visit Dr. McClelland’s website to find out his answers to the most important questions regarding pregnancy chiropractic care.