Can a chiropractor fix posture?

Have you ever given any thought as to how many hours you spend sitting in a chair at work or school? Do you know how sitting at a desk with poor posture can affect your body, spine and even nervous system?

If you spend upwards of 5-6 hours a day at a desk and your body is not getting any exercise and movement, then you should be aware of the negative health effects that accompany poor posture. When it comes to bad posture, we all know that sitting up straight works well, until we stop thinking about it and revert to our old habits. Uncertain if you have good posture? Speak to our chiropractor in Athens or schedule an appointment for a spinal examination.

Signs of bad posture

We should all be more mindful that good posture is a crucial element of our health and well-being. Good posture not only helps us stand, sit or lie down with proper alignment, it also helps us avoid neck and back pain and other injuries. Here are some common signs of poor posture:

  • Hunched shoulders
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Rounded upper back
  • Forward head carriage
  • Arched lower back
  • Back pain

But here is the good news! A chiropractor can help correct poor posture and realign your spine to ensure that your body is functioning optimally. Remember, it is never too late to improve your posture! At our chiropractic clinic in Athens, our specialists will first assess and identify how to fix your posture through an examination. The next step is to correct your posture by using multiple techniques including chiropractic adjustment, specific exercises and rehabilitation that you can do both in the clinic and at home for maintenance. Get up, put your shoulders up, back and down, and visit our chiropractic clinic to learn how to improve your spine health.

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